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RPCard Class Reference

#include <rpcard.h>

Inheritance diagram for RPCard:

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Detailed Description

RP card: Radiation Pattern Specify radiation pattern sampling parameters and to cause program execution. Options for a field computation include a radial wire ground screen, a cliff, or surface-wave fields.

Definition at line 34 of file rpcard.h.

Public Member Functions

QString getCard ()
virtual QString getCardType ()
 Returns the type of card.
double getGainMormalization () const
double getIncrementPhi () const
double getIncrementTheta () const
double getInitialPhi () const
double getInitialTheta () const
int getModeOfCalculation () const
int getNumberOfValuesOfPhi () const
int getNumberOfValuesOfTheta () const
double getRadialDistance () const
int getXNDA () const
 RPCard (int theModeOfCalculation, int theNumberOfValuesOfTheta, int theNumberOfValuesOfPhi, int theXNDA, double theInitialTheta, double theInitialPhi, double theIncrementTheta, double theIncrementPhi, double theRadialDistance, double theGainNormalization)
void setGainMormalization (double theGainNormalization)
void setIncrementPhi (double theIncrementPhi)
void setIncrementTheta (double theIncrementTheta)
void setInitialPhi (double theInitialPhi)
void setInitialTheta (double theInitialTheta)
void setModeOfCalculation (int theModeOfCalculation)
void setNumberOfValuesOfPhi (int theNumberOfValuesOfPhi)
void setNumberOfValuesOfTheta (int theNumberOfValuesOfTheta)
void setRadialDistance (double theRadialDistance)
void setXNDA (int theXNDA)

Protected Attributes

QString cardType

Private Attributes

double gainNormalization
double incrementPhi
 Increment for phi in degrees.
double incrementTheta
 Increment for theta in degrees (increment for z in meters if I1 = 1).
double initialPhi
 Initial phi angle in degrees.
double initialTheta
 Initial theta angle in degrees (initial z coordinate in meters if I1 = 1).
int modeOfCalculation
int numberOfValuesOfPhi
int numberOfValuesOfTheta
double radialDistance
int xnda

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