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NTCard Class Reference

#include <ntcard.h>

Inheritance diagram for NTCard:

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Detailed Description

NT card: networks Generate a two-port nonradiating network connected between any two segments in the structure. The characteristics of the network are specified by its short-circuit admittance matrix elements. For the special case of a transmission line, a separate card is provided for convenience although the mathematical method is the same as for networks. Refer to the TL card.

Definition at line 36 of file ntcard.h.

Public Member Functions

QString getCard ()
virtual QString getCardType ()
 Returns the type of card.
int getEqualToM () const
int getEqualToN () const
double getImaginary11 () const
double getImaginary12 () const
double getImaginary22 () const
double getReal11 () const
double getReal12 () const
double getReal22 () const
int getTagNumber () const
int getTagNumber2 () const
 NTCard (int theTagNumber, int theEqualToM, int theTagNumber2, int theEqualToN, double theReal11, double theImaginary11, double theReal12, double theImaginary12, double theReal22, double theImaginary22)
 equalToM != -1
 NTCard (int theTagNumber, int theEqualToM)
 equalToM == -1

Protected Attributes

QString cardType

Private Attributes

int equalToM
int equalToN
 Same as equalToM for port 2.
double imaginary11
double imaginary12
double imaginary22
double real11
double real12
double real22
int tagNumber
int tagNumber2
 Same as tagNumber for port 2.

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