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NECOutput Class Reference

#include <necoutput.h>

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Detailed Description

This class holds the values that were returned from the execution of NEC and process them so as to make them rendereable by OpenGL.

Definition at line 35 of file necoutput.h.

Public Member Functions

 NECOutput (GLWidget *gl, QWidget *parent=0)
void ProcessData ()
 Here we process the data in order to get OpenGL data.
void Render ()
 Will you please render?
void setAlpha (double newAlpha)
 The transparency (alpha) of the surfaces.
void setColorScheme (int theColorScheme)
 Change the color scheme.
void setDBMinimum (double newDB)
 The minimum in the scale.
void setDisplacement (double &x, double &y, double &z)
void SetRadiationPattern (RadiationPattern *newRadiationPattern)
void setRadius (double newRadius)
 The radius of the spheres.
void setRenderInsideTriangles (bool render)
 Inside triangles rendering.
void setRenderMesh (bool render)
 Mesh rendering.
void setRenderSpheres (bool render)
 Spheres rendering.
void setRenderSurface (bool render)
 Surface rendering.
void setRo (double newRo)
 A way to change the size of the surface.

Private Member Functions

void calculateColors (int position, const double R, double &red, double &green, double &blue)
 Color calcs.
void calculateInsideTriangles ()
 The inside triangles calcs.
void calculateMesh ()
 The mesh calcs.
void calculateSurface ()
 The surface calcs.
void calculateTriangleNormal (double x1, double y1, double z1, double x2, double y2, double z2, double x3, double y3, double z3, double &x, double &y, double &z)
 The triangles normals.
void CalculateXYZ (const int i, double &x, double &y, double &z, double &R)
 A private function to calculate the radiation pattern.

Private Attributes

double alpha
 Alpha of the colors.
int colorScheme
double dBMinimum
 The minimum value of Gain in dB whic corresponds to (0,0,0).
double deltaX
 Displacement in x.
double deltaY
 Displacement in y.
double deltaZ
 Displacement in z.
 A pointer to a GLWidget.
QVector< double > insideTrianglesColorArray
 The inside triangles color array.
bool insideTrianglesEnabled
 Do we plot the inside triangles?
QVector< double > insideTrianglesNormalArray
 The inside triangles normal array.
QVector< double > insideTrianglesVertexArray
 The inside triangles vertex array.
bool listCompleted
 Did we completed the above lists?
double maxPowerGain
QVector< double > meshColorArray
 The mesh color array.
bool meshEnabled
 Do we plot the mesh?
QVector< double > meshNormalArray
 The mesh normal array.
QVector< double > meshVertexArray
 The mesh vertex array.
QList< int > phiStartList
QList< double > phiValues
 phiValues will contain the differents values of phi.
GLUquadricObj * quad
 The quadric for the spheres.
QList< RadiationPattern * > radiationPatternList
 List of radiation data obtained from parsing NEC's output.
double radius
 The radius of the spheres.
double ro
 Size of the surfaces.
bool spheresEnabled
 Do we plot the spheres?
QVector< double > surfaceColorArray
 The surface color array.
bool surfaceEnabled
 Do we plot the surface?
QVector< double > surfaceNormalArray
 The surface normal array.
QVector< double > surfaceVertexArray
 The surface vertex array.

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