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void NECInput::ProcessGACard ( int  index  )  [private]

This private function is used by ProcessPrimitive to process GA card. It only make the code more pleasing to read.

Definition at line 360 of file necinput.cpp.

References Line::CalculateMaxModule(), CompareModule(), and primitiveList.

Referenced by ProcessPrimitive().

      double rada, ang1, ang2, rad, step, point;
      Line* newLine;
      QVector<double> end1;
      QVector<double> end2;
      QVector<double> temp;

      int tag = primitiveList.at(index)->GetTagNumber();
      int ns = primitiveList.at(index)->GetCardParameter();

      temp = primitiveList.at(index)->GetEnd1();
      rada = temp[0];
      ang1 = temp[1];
      ang2 = temp[2];

      temp = primitiveList.at(index)->GetEnd2();
      rad = temp[0];
      ang1 = ang1*3.141592654/180;
      ang2 = ang2*3.141592654/180;
      step = (ang2 - ang1)/ns;
      point = ang1;

      for(int i=0; i<ns; i++)
            end1.append(rada * cos(point));
            end1.append(rada * sin(point));
            end2.append(rada * cos(point+step));
            end2.append(rada * sin(point+step));
            point = point + step;
            newLine = new Line("GW", end1, end2, tag, 0, 0);
            primitiveList.insert((index+i), newLine);

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