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NECInput Class Reference

#include <necinput.h>

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Detailed Description

This class is very important because performs the NEC input file process that is saved in elementList. First ProcessData function transform information saved in elementList into a primitive format saved in primitiveList. This new format is compound by lines, patch and some cards (GM, GX, GA) that need a recursive processing. Then ProcessLine go over primitiveList and modify lines and patches according to GM, GX, etc. Finally primitiveList only contains lines and patches (sometimes could have some control cards that aren't used to draw the antenna) and is ready to be drawn by CreateOpenGLList.

Definition at line 41 of file necinput.h.

Public Slots

void SetFrequency (int type, int nSteps, double newFrequency, double stepInc)
void SetRadius (double newRadius)
 Set the radius of the structure components.

Public Member Functions

void appendCard (GenericCard *theCard)
void createNECInputFile ()
 Create input.necin.
QString GetFileName ()
 We must return the file name.
double getFrequency () const
 Returns the NEC file's frequency.
double GetMaxModule ()
 Return the maximun module.
void GetPosition (double &newX, double &newY, double &newZ)
double GetRadius ()
 Return the wire (line) radius.
 NECInput (QString theFileName, QString theCreationTime, QWidget *parent=0)
void ProcessData ()
void Render ()
 Calls the list made by CreateOpenGLList.
void SetMaxModule (double newMaxModule)
 Set a new maximum module.
void setSimulationFrequency (double newFrequency)
 Set the new simulation frequency.

Private Member Functions

void CompareModule (double module)
void CreateOpenGLList ()
void ProcessGACard (int index)
void ProcessGMCard (int index)
void ProcessGXCard (int index)
void ProcessPrimitive ()
void ProcessSPCard (int index)
void Transformate (QVector< double > &end)

Private Attributes

QList< GenericCard * > cardsList
 List of cards.
QVector< double > centerPosition
QString creationTime
QString fileName
 The filename we are processing.
bool foundFRCard
 We want to know when is the first time we find a FR card.
double frequency
bool groundPlane
 It's setted when a ground plane is present.
QVector< double > linesColorArray
 The lines color array.
QVector< double > linesVertexArray
 The lines vertex array.
double maxModule
QList< Primitive * > primitiveList
 PrimitiveList store the data in a more apropiate format to process it.
GLUquadricObj * quad
 The quadric for the tubes.
QVector< double > quadsColorArray
 The quads color array.
QVector< double > quadsVertexArray
 The quads vertex array.
int radiatingElement
 It indicates (tag number) the radiating element, if this exist.
double radius
 It's the wire radius.
QVector< double > trianglesColorArray
 The triangles color array.
QVector< double > trianglesVertexArray
 The triangles vertex array.

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