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MainWindow Class Reference

#include <mainwindow.h>

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Detailed Description

Class MainWindow is, obviously, the main window of the program. In it's constructor, it makes the connections neccesary for the program.

Definition at line 36 of file mainwindow.h.

Public Slots

void about ()
void aboutQt ()
void antennasWithoutCalc (bool val)
 This will be called when the are/aren't calculated antennas.
QList< int > calculatedList ()
 calculated antennas
void close ()
 Close selected antennas.
void closeAll ()
 Close all the opened antennas.
void fileListChanged (QTreeWidgetItem *item, int column)
 fileList changes when a "View" checkBox or freq value does
void fileListNewSelection ()
 There was a change in fileList selection.
void finishedCalc ()
 Things to do when the calculation process ends.
void log (QString str)
 Insert HTML to logText.
void logDebug (QString func, QString msg)
 Used for debugging.
void logEndOK (bool ok)
 Used to end a line with OK or ERROR.
void logStart (QString logo, QString msg)
 Start log with icon.
void logTextChanged ()
 logText contents changed, scroll to the bottom
QList< int > openedList ()
 all the antennas on the antenna list
void renderToClipboard ()
 Puts image into clipboard.
void renderToFile ()
 Saves image to file.
QList< int > selectedList ()
bool snapshot (QPixmap &pixmap)
void startedCalc ()
 Things to do when the calculation process begins.
void syncFileList ()
 Fill the antenna list with info from DataManager::necContainerList.


void setLinearScale (bool linear)
 The signal we emmit to the data.

Public Member Functions

 MainWindow ()

Private Attributes

bool calculating
 True when calculating.
bool disableFileListEvents
 Needed to prevent event loops.
int renderHeight
QString renderPath
 Information to keep user input when rendering to file/clipboard.
int renderWidth
 Tha data manager.
Ui::MainWindowQAntenna ui
 The user interface.

Static Private Attributes

static const int listColCalc = 2
static const int listColFrequency = 1
static const int listColIndex = 5
static const int listColName = 0
 Constant indexes of the antenna list.
static const int listColPath = 4
static const int listColShow = 3

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