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GNCard Class Reference

#include <gncard.h>

Inheritance diagram for GNCard:

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Detailed Description

GN card: Ground Parameters Specify the relative dielectric constant and conductivity of ground in the vicinity of the antenna. In addition, a second set of ground parameters for a second medium can be specified, or a radial wire ground screen can be modeled using a reflection coefficient approximation.

Definition at line 35 of file gncard.h.

Public Member Functions

QString getCard ()
virtual QString getCardType ()
 Returns the type of card.
double getConductivity () const
double getDouble1 () const
double getDouble2 () const
double getDouble3 () const
double getDouble4 () const
int getGroundType () const
bool getInfiniteGround ()
int getNumberOfRadialWires () const
double getRelativeDielectricConstant () const
 GNCard (int theGroundType, int theNumberOfRadialWires, double theRelativeDielectricConstant, double theConductivity, double theDouble1, double theDouble2, double theDouble3, double theDouble4)
 Normal cases.
 GNCard (int theGroundType, int theNumberOfRadialWires, double theRelativeDielectricConstant, double theConductivity)
 Infinite ground plane. No floating points used.
 GNCard ()
 groundType == -1 - Free space conditions

Protected Attributes

QString cardType

Private Attributes

double conductivity
double double1
double double2
double double3
double double4
int groundType
bool infiniteGround
int numberOfRadialWires
double relativeDielectricConstant

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