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GHCard Class Reference

#include <ghcard.h>

Inheritance diagram for GHCard:

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Detailed Description

Helix - Spiral Specification

Definition at line 29 of file ghcard.h.

Public Member Functions

QString getCard ()
virtual QString getCardType ()
 Returns the type of card.
int getNumberOfSegments () const
double getRadiusOfWire () const
double getRadiusXZ0 () const
double getRadiusXZTotalLenght () const
double getRadiusYZ0 () const
double getRadiusYZTotalLenght () const
double getSpacingBetweenTurns () const
int getTagNumber () const
double getTotalLenght () const
 GHCard (int theTagNumber, int theNumberOfSegments, double theSpacingBetweenTurns, double theTotalLenght, double theRadiusXZ0, double theRadiusYZ0, double theRadiusXZTotalLenght, double theRadiusYZTotalLenght, double theRadiusOfWire)

Protected Attributes

QString cardType

Private Attributes

int numberOfSegments
 Number of segments into which the helix or spiral will be divided.
double radiusOfWire
 Radius of wire.
double radiusXZ0
 Radius in x at z = 0.
double radiusXZTotalLenght
 Radius in x at z = HL.
double radiusYZ0
 Radius in y at z = 0.
double radiusYZTotalLenght
 Radius in y at z = HL.
double spacingBetweenTurns
 Spacing between turns.
int tagNumber
 Tag number assigned to all segments of the helix or spiral.
double totalLenght
 Total length of the helix (HL).

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