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DataManager::DataManager ( GLWidget gl,
QObject *  parent = 0 

In this file you will see a lot of times a call to glWidget->makeCurrent(). It happens that, in order to use OGL functions properly, GLWidget::makeCurrent() must be called beforehand. I tried to solve this with the signal/slot mechanism, but I couldn't get it to work except if I execute a glWidget->makeCurrent() at least one time before in this source code. The extrange thing is that the GLWidget::makeCurrent() seems to have a "one level" memory, so the instances of NECOutput doesn't seem to need the pointer to make the call. This note applies also to the NECContainer class

Definition at line 46 of file datamanager.cpp.

References calcAtOpen, dBMinumum, glWidget, and gridEnabled.

                                                        : QObject(parent)
      gridEnabled = true;
      glWidget = gl;

      // calcAtOpen must start in sync with fileListCalculate (checkbox)
      calcAtOpen= true;

      // Should start in sync with the GUI
      dBMinumum= -25;
      radius= 50;
      alpha= 50;
      surfaceSize= 10;
      componentsRadius= 2;
      surface= true;
      spheres= mesh= insideTriangles= false;

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