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void DataManager::removeAntennas ( QList< int >  selectedList  )  [slot]

Remove selected antennas (selectedList should contain valid necContainerList indexes)

Definition at line 231 of file datamanager.cpp.

References cleanPathName(), and necContainerList.

Referenced by MainWindow::close(), and MainWindow::closeAll().

      // The antennas need to be deleted starting with the
      // last (in necContainerList), otherwise after
      // deleting an element, the rest of the indexes in
      // "list" may (most likely) become invalid...

      // Sort list in reverse order
      qSort(selectedList.begin(), selectedList.end(), qGreater<int>());

      foreach(int index, selectedList) {
            emit logStart("sclose.png",tr("Closing")+" \"<font color=\"#000066\">"
            + cleanPathName(necContainerList.at(index)->getFileName()) + "</font>\"... ");


            emit logEndOK(true);

      // It may happen than a not-calculated antenna is deleted, so
      // we re-emit antennasWithoutCalc just in case
      bool needToCalc= false;
      for(int i=0; !needToCalc && i<necContainerList.count(); i++) {
                  needToCalc= true;
      emit antennasWithoutCalc(needToCalc);

      emit updatedAntennaList();

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