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DataManager Class Reference

#include <datamanager.h>

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Detailed Description

This class takes cares of all the data in the program.

Definition at line 36 of file datamanager.h.

Public Slots

void calculateRadiationPattern ()
 Calculate the radiation pattern.
void openDialog ()
 Loading an antenna NEC file.
void rebuildLists ()
 Rebuild OpenGL lists of necContainerList.
void removeAntennas (QList< int > selectedList)
void Render ()
 Hey you!!! Render!!!
void setAlpha (int newAlpha)
 The transparency (alpha) of the surfaces.
void setCalcAtOpen (bool activate)
 Calculate antenna at open.
void setComponentsRadius (int newRadius)
 The radius of the antenna's components.
void setDBMinimum (double newDB)
 The minimum in the scale.
void setRadius (int newRadius)
 The radius of the spheres.
void setRenderGrid (bool activate)
void setRenderInsideTriangles (bool activate)
void setRenderMesh (bool activate)
void setRenderSpheres (bool activate)
void setRenderSurface (bool activate)
void setSurfaceSize (int newSurfaceSize)
 Set surface size.


void antennasWithoutCalc (bool state)
void finishedAllCalc ()
 All antennas are calculated.
void finishedCalc ()
 Some antenna finished the calculation of its pattern.
void log (QString msg)
void logEndOK (bool ok)
void logStart (QString logo, QString msg)
void startedCalc ()
 started to calc
void updatedAntennaList ()

Public Member Functions

 DataManager (GLWidget *gl, QObject *parent=0)
bool getCalculated (int antennaIndex)
QList< NECContainer * > * getContainerList ()
 FIXME - Get the container list - Can this be avoided?
double getFrequency (int antennaIndex)
bool getShow (int antennaIndex)
void setCalculated (int antennaIndex, bool newVal)
void setFrequency (int antennaIndex, double newFrequency)
void setGLWidget (GLWidget *gl)
 In case we need to use more GLWidgets in the future...
void setShow (int antennaIndex, bool newVal)

Static Public Member Functions

static QString cleanPathName (QString path)
 Returns the file name from the absolute path.

Private Slots

void checkFinishedCalc ()

Private Member Functions

bool fileExists (QString fileName)
void openNECFile (QString fileName)
 Opens and adds file fileName to necContainerList.

Private Attributes

int alpha
bool calcAtOpen
 Should we calculate the antenna when opened?
int componentsRadius
double dBMinumum
 A pointer to a GLWidget.
bool gridEnabled
 Grid enabled.
bool insideTriangles
bool mesh
QList< NECContainer * > necContainerList
 A list of NECInputs (antennas).
int radius
bool spheres
bool surface
int surfaceSize

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